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Saddleback skiers are passionate about their mountain. If you are a Saddlebacker, than you know. If not, ask a Saddlebacker how a ski mountain and a magnificent landscape enriches our lives. Imagine peering out over the forests and lakes from the mountain’s summit and skiing the mountain’s winding slopes and feel an elevated sense of joy. Wrap yourself in that closeness with family and friends inspired by Saddleback’s authentic sense of community. Regrettably, these wonders of Saddleback Mountain were relegated to our imaginations when the ski area closed in 2015.

Formed in March of 2016, the Saddleback Mountain Foundation sought the lofty goal to acquire, reopen, and revitalize Saddleback Mountain Ski Area. To be truly successful, we believed, we needed to think bigger. Indeed, it was about acquiring the ski area, and in so doing re-open people’s hopes and opportunities to share in the magnificence of the landscape, create and promote economic opportunities, and strengthen community resiliency.

Even after another suitor announced in the summer of 2017 that it would acquire Saddleback Mountain Ski Area, the Saddleback Mountain Foundation continued to meet and plan how we could support the Saddleback Mountain experience. Now, in the wake of a broken deal and dashed hopes, we are ready to rise to the opportunity. We are organized, committed, and driven to succeed where others have failed. We are confident because we are going to achieve this goal with you.