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Saddleback Mountain Ski Resort closed at the end of the 2014-15 ski season after having been for sale since 2012. Currently, the Majella Group is in the process of buying Saddleback Mountain and the ski area with a closing expected to be completed soon.  Saddleback Mountain Foundation wishes the Majella Group great success with the mountain and looks forward to partnering with them in enhancing their community endeavors.

The impact of the closure of Saddleback Mountain Ski Area has been felt in not only the local Rangeley community, but also throughout the larger community of the Oxford and Franklin county region.  In March, 2016, the Saddleback Mountain Foundation (SMF) initiative originated when Peter Stein, a passionate Saddleback skier, met with a group of like-minded individuals to explore options for the reopening of Saddleback Mountain Ski Area. Members of the group represented both the Saddleback and Rangeley region communities and shared not only a love for Saddleback, but also a concern for the economic well-being of Rangeley and the surrounding region.  SMF raised nearly a million dollars from people around the country in an effort to purchase Saddleback Mountain Ski Area.   When it became apparent SMF would not be purchasing the ski area, as promised, all money was returned.  However, the Foundation’s intense passion for Saddleback Mountain, the ski area, and this special place in Maine has never wavered.  SMF focus is now on providing access to the mountain for area students who might otherwise not be able to participate in the mountain’s activities and offerings. In addition, SMF is currently working on formulating educational opportunities and programs, which will be shared soon in a proposal to the Majella Group.